Thursday, 30 October 2014


So, how's everyone doing? I'm good by the way, only a bit busy with homeworks and assignments that have been keeping me busy for a whole week from updating this very blog of mine. Anyway, on previous post I shared my journey to the Song Shan Xue Yuan and you guys pretty much catch a glimpse of how cool the wushu learner by looking at the pictures I shared. However, the journey that day wasn't finish.

Yes, we continued the journey and went to this infamous Shaolin Temple or 少林寺 (Henan is well-known for its Wushu and Shaolin sites and institute) that you might know if you actually ever watched this movie called "Shaolin" because this temple was the place setting for the movie. Like, it is very famous in here (of course, duh), and really, really beautiful. With Mount Song as the background, strolling around became so exciting because you always have something to look at.

By the time I first stepped my foot on the entrance, I was given the display of trees that have lived for hundreds of years. There was this unique tree that I took the picture of (that, you can see in one of the picts above) which perked up my interest because it was like no other trees. Due to the crowd that suddenly came from nowhere, it was hard for me to stick to the group so I continued to go inside of the temple. At first, I thought the temple wasn't that large, but I was simply wrong. Inside, there were three pagodas which have the statue of Buddha and the smallest statue was 20 meters high, so imagine ourself because I mentioned 'large' word already.

What I love the most about this place is that there were these cute statues of creature that people believe was The Dragon King's ninth child (it was also in one of the pictures above) that has the dragon's face, turtle's back, eagle's feet, and snake's tail. I even took a picture hugging it (it's in here), lol. I also caught a glimpse of these cute, little kids that were on their way to exercise. They were so adorable! It was my first time seeing it directly after only seeing it in Chinese movies, of course I squealed like an ugly mammals, lol.


Thursday, 23 October 2014


So, here's the part two of the diary. I still have no idea how many parts I will be posting, but the more the merrier so just bear with it. Lol.

The second day in Henan was simply hectic, yet fun. Everything was scheduled and we really started the day exactly at 7 in the morning. The day started with us having breakfast which I must say was heaven. The food was so good and having meals with Chinese is one of my favorite things in the world because they could order at least 12 to 15 different foods in a meal, so yes definitely one of my favorite things, lol.

After finished with the breakfast, we were right away taken to the institute which is famous for its ability to turn someone into a Wushu 'master', it was called “Song Shan Xue Yuan” (Song Shan Institute). They held a special welcome ceremony and indeed they presented a very well-done show! The students were so good that we were awestruck by the performance. 

After the ceremony ended, we were taken to stroll around the building to look around and the display of the traditional crafts were all so beautiful! We even had a picture pretending to play the traditional musical intrument. Do we all look good? How about our pose with the wushu master? Lol. Until next time.


Friday, 17 October 2014


Shirt - ROWNDVSN, Pants - Celcius, Sneakers - AIRWALK

I finally went for a trip after (barely) living for a month and a half here in China, not to mention it was for free! I couldn't be happier, lol. The trip was in Henan, one of the China's provinces that is famous for its Shaolin and Wushu learning centre. It was located on the north of China and took 3 hours by China's highspeed rail (高铁) from where I live. I must say, the city was simply amazing! It was so big and all, but the population were barely seen on the street, very much different from Changsha which is very crowded. Another thing is that the temperature is super low in the morning and at night (of course, it's autumn after all) that it could reach 7 freakin' degree Celcius.

Back to the topic, the trip was all I've ever needed after having so many homeworks and schoolworks every single week. It was a very nice 4-days trip, enjoyed with another 14 scholars from 5 different countries. The first day we arrived, it was already late at night, and the last day was simply the same, so nothing much to talk about. However, the days in between were hectic and so fun that I'm so excited to share it here with you guys, so hang in there for a minute or two, okay?

For now, I'm giving you my outfit for the second day of the trip. A simple ensemble, only the leather jacket makes it a little bit edgier. Wearing my forever favorite maroon shirt that looks simply amazing even without trying, paired it up with a pair of black skinny pants and a pair of sneakers.

Tip for a trip ensemble: keep it as simple and presentable as you could, because sometimes, you hold too many things on your two hands that uncomfortable ensemble won't help. Hope it helps you guys when you're on the trip! So, that's all for today, the next parts of the diary will be up as soon as I could, so until next time!


Sunday, 5 October 2014


Changsha is the city of fireworks, that's for sure. Believe it or not, when I wake up every single day, the first sound that reached my ears is the sound of fireworks and it sucks. No, I'm not joking. Yes, it sucks big time. The people here are either already out of their mind or they have too many fireworks stocked up in their house to light them up in the MORNING. However, seeing fireworks on the right time and place, and with the right people is entirely a different case. Last Saturday night I went to the Orange Island to enjoy the firework show and oh boy, I don't mind spending every Saturday night enjoying those beautiful, shimmering fireworks (minus the crowd, damn they are too many human living in China!). How can I not love it? Look at those fireworks! I'll be more than happy to kick your sorry a*s if you say otherwise. Lol, kidding though. Or maybe not. Until next time, pal! ;)