Thursday, 30 October 2014


So, how's everyone doing? I'm good by the way, only a bit busy with homeworks and assignments that have been keeping me busy for a whole week from updating this very blog of mine. Anyway, on previous post I shared my journey to the Song Shan Xue Yuan and you guys pretty much catch a glimpse of how cool the wushu learner by looking at the pictures I shared. However, the journey that day wasn't finish.

Yes, we continued the journey and went to this infamous Shaolin Temple or 少林寺 (Henan is well-known for its Wushu and Shaolin sites and institute) that you might know if you actually ever watched this movie called "Shaolin" because this temple was the place setting for the movie. Like, it is very famous in here (of course, duh), and really, really beautiful. With Mount Song as the background, strolling around became so exciting because you always have something to look at.

By the time I first stepped my foot on the entrance, I was given the display of trees that have lived for hundreds of years. There was this unique tree that I took the picture of (that, you can see in one of the picts above) which perked up my interest because it was like no other trees. Due to the crowd that suddenly came from nowhere, it was hard for me to stick to the group so I continued to go inside of the temple. At first, I thought the temple wasn't that large, but I was simply wrong. Inside, there were three pagodas which have the statue of Buddha and the smallest statue was 20 meters high, so imagine ourself because I mentioned 'large' word already.

What I love the most about this place is that there were these cute statues of creature that people believe was The Dragon King's ninth child (it was also in one of the pictures above) that has the dragon's face, turtle's back, eagle's feet, and snake's tail. I even took a picture hugging it (it's in here), lol. I also caught a glimpse of these cute, little kids that were on their way to exercise. They were so adorable! It was my first time seeing it directly after only seeing it in Chinese movies, of course I squealed like an ugly mammals, lol.



  1. i wish i could go there too!

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  4. your photos and travels are so inspiring dear!! ^_^

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