Friday, 17 October 2014


Shirt - ROWNDVSN, Pants - Celcius, Sneakers - AIRWALK

I finally went for a trip after (barely) living for a month and a half here in China, not to mention it was for free! I couldn't be happier, lol. The trip was in Henan, one of the China's provinces that is famous for its Shaolin and Wushu learning centre. It was located on the north of China and took 3 hours by China's highspeed rail (高铁) from where I live. I must say, the city was simply amazing! It was so big and all, but the population were barely seen on the street, very much different from Changsha which is very crowded. Another thing is that the temperature is super low in the morning and at night (of course, it's autumn after all) that it could reach 7 freakin' degree Celcius.

Back to the topic, the trip was all I've ever needed after having so many homeworks and schoolworks every single week. It was a very nice 4-days trip, enjoyed with another 14 scholars from 5 different countries. The first day we arrived, it was already late at night, and the last day was simply the same, so nothing much to talk about. However, the days in between were hectic and so fun that I'm so excited to share it here with you guys, so hang in there for a minute or two, okay?

For now, I'm giving you my outfit for the second day of the trip. A simple ensemble, only the leather jacket makes it a little bit edgier. Wearing my forever favorite maroon shirt that looks simply amazing even without trying, paired it up with a pair of black skinny pants and a pair of sneakers.

Tip for a trip ensemble: keep it as simple and presentable as you could, because sometimes, you hold too many things on your two hands that uncomfortable ensemble won't help. Hope it helps you guys when you're on the trip! So, that's all for today, the next parts of the diary will be up as soon as I could, so until next time!



  1. Nice shirt! have a nice trip!

  2. hello.. you can have it altered in a tailor shop. if you ever bought pinstripe pants and you dont like the fit.. =) good luck

  3. soo cool photos! love the shirt! :)
    Emma xx

  4. love the Outfit! the shirt is just amazing! :)

  5. nice trip! <3

  6. Love this look on you! Great website!




  7. Great images, you look cool! x

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  8. Looks like you had soo much fun! I've never been to any lace in China but pretty sure the culture and people are great :)

  9. Very nice place !! I love your pictures !!! ;)


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