Thursday, 16 February 2017


But then I realized, love is not a noun, it's actually a verb.

There you go, some cliche quote I read somewhere on the Internet. Since it is the month of love, it feels appropriate to discuss a bit about it. Let's start with how I think about it.

Like I quoted, "love is not a noun, it's actually a verb". Love is not something you give or take, love is something you do without thinking of receiving any feedback out of it. Sometimes, we are not aware of its presence. We are too busy thinking of doing our best that we are not aware of the reason behind our doings is love. Some other times, we love without a reason. We just do. That makes love a very powerful force you cannot control. You cannot explain why, but deep down you know it's there.

That is exactly how I feel towards fashion. I might not be as good compared to those people out there, but I am always thriving for better version of love I have for fashion. I am inspired by those who do not not only love fashion, but live for it. It's like they live for their love, and that's how I want to spend my days, without any regret. Oh, and lately, I am growing interest in culinary too. I even plan on getting myself a culinary course after graduating. Lol.

So, what do you love the most? Do you live for it at the moment? If you do, congratulation. If you are yet to do so, then I wish we could be there someday. Good luck, hippies.

Baleno leather jacket, Dad's oversized white shirt, YKK trousers, FLD oxfords

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  1. Such an amazing outfit! Love the photos *_*


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