Sunday, 9 October 2016


Rainy season? Bring out all those fancy jackets and sweaters!

I must admit, summer is so not my season. The heat, I just can't deal with it. To make it even worse, I have prickly heat. Yes, ugly prickly heat on the neck. Can you imagine how itchy is that whenever it gets too hot? It would turn so red that some people think it's hickeys. Perverts.

Anyway, I am very much delighful to be able to welcome rainy season, my favorite out of two seasons, with open arms. The air feels so much cleaner that it has particular scent I am so addicted to. It also gets chillier that my bed and blanket seem to bring out their gigantic magnet hidden underneath to pull me down. Oh, the kind of war I could never win. Haha. But above all, the things I love so much from rainy season is to have a chance to wear outerwear that I don't get to wear on summer. One of them is this Baleno leather jacket I bought two years ago. Guess how many times have I wore it on daily basis? None. Simply because Makassar has nine suns that prevent me from wearing this baby.

But worry not, my baby is now coming out of the closet! Hooray. It is so versatile, I just cannot ignore it. Not only does it look super stylish, but it also protects me from the malicious rain. One, it is a bit thick so it provides me with warmth when it gets a bit too chilly. Two, it is waterproof courtesy of its material. Yup, leather. Say no more to soaking wet body when I am outside (except the pants, unless it's also from leather). Third, there would be no third. So, mind you rain. I come prepared. 

This time, I paired it up with stripes tshirt, blue sky denim pants, a pair of leather brogues, and VOILA! Bad-ass parisian is coming your way.

Baleno leather jacket, Taobao stripes tshirt, Celcius denim pants, Fladeo brogues

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  1. Loving your jacket! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. cool jacket

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  4. Where did you buy your leather Jacket ? let me know if you don't mind :)


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