Friday, 26 September 2014


Varsity Jacket - SMITH, Sweater - Thrifted, Ripped Jeans -  Raw Boom Boogie, Sneakers - Airwalk

It's been a month since I came here in China and everything has been nothing but amazing. I met so many new friends from the other part of the world and nothing feels better than to get to know people from another country and to know their culture. Learning is an experience I really cherish the most, and here I've been learning so much. Some people asked me to never let this chance slipped out of my hand, and now I know exactly what they meant. Although, the homesick is extremely annoying, but I found myself learning a lot about life when I am far from home. At night before going to sleep, I always thank myself for being so brave and take the decision to go and make my one of dreams comes true. So, next time the chance comes, be brave and never let it slip away!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson Knitted Sweater alike - Bought Online, Socks - Chaodai

As the weather turned extremely cold, I found myself enjoying it more than when it was still summer. I can wear everything, literally everything, even the thickest sweater I have in the closet and I don't have to worry about sweating like a pig. I'm so happy to encounter this cold, breezy weather because I can do some fashionable layering for daily outfits, or wear my fluffy sweaters to give me warmth. This was the very reason why I wore my Bart Simpson knitted sweater to bed and it felt so good. Isn't waking up with warmth and a super cute, fluffy and fashionable sweater wrapped around your body the best thing in the world? Because for me, it is. Look how gorgeous I looked waking up like that, lol. Oh, in case you're wondering, I actually put a boxer on but it got blocked by the pillow so it wasn't seen. It wouldn't be nice having it seen, don't you think?


Thursday, 11 September 2014


Sweater - Blackjack, Shorts - Dust Jeans, Sneakers - Airwalk

I don't know what I was thinking when I went to take these photos. All I could remember was that boredom got the best out of me so I just took my camera with me and came back to this Pagoda and then,, these photos happened. Wearing a sweater while the sun was shining oh-so-brightly, you would think I was out of my mind. Honestly speaking, the day was actually windy and chilly, but the sun was indeed at its peak. I could never understand the weather in this country. One day it's so hot that I could barely breathe when I went out, the next it's chilly but still sunny. It's just bewildering.

Anyway, my class starts on Monday so I hope I can do well in every class I'm assigned to. I'm coming here to study, after all. Also, I hope this outfit post could make up my outfit-posts hiatus for some time now although I wore something as casual as a sweater teamed with shorts and sneakers lol. Until next time!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


So, I've told you that I'm going to China in some of my previous posts, right? Well, now I am in China. That pretty much explains my lack of posting here in my dearest blog because the Chinese Government screwed me up by banning Blogspot in China and I just found out about it when I came here the very first day. But fear not, for now I finally use a free VPN after two weeks of searching (I know it's too long, but hey it's not easy when every VPN that I got myself was only for 7-days trial). Thank God I'm coming here with an IT major so yeah, I'm safe for now, I think.

Anyway, first thing first. I live in Changsha City, the capitol of Hunan province. It's near from Hongkong and Guangzhou. The city, by far, has been nothing but wonderful. It was still summer when I first came here two weeks ago and the heat was excruciatingly hot. It was almost hard to breathe, no kidding. Also, I must say that I was having a culture shock when I first stepped my foot in this country because my language barrier is too damn huge. But after two weeks living here, I think I could manage. Just wish me luck for everything, okay?

I strolled around the dorm the second day and the pictures above were what I found. Simply amazing! Look at that beautiful Pagoda at the center of the lake. I wonder how beautiful it will be when winter comes. The other thing I love the most is the huge-ass field that I can use to jog after having pork for almost every meal I have, day and night. I should watch my diet. I'm a blogger after all, healthy comes first ;)

I think that's all I can say for now. I'll update as soon as possible, though. Until next time!