Thursday, 31 October 2013


To start this post, I'd like to say Happy Halloween people! Although I could only celebrate it through my Halloween outfit as Julius Caesar on blog (I don't have a Halloween party to attend.. so yeah), but at least I still am celebrating it with you guys. So I hope you enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot. All items in those pictures were handmade (aside from the t-shirt and the shorts I was wearing inside the white fabric, and  the vintage brown belt around my waist). I put on the fabric crossed-body and tied the both ends of the fabric behind my left shoulder so it wouldn't fall off. For the headband, I used wire and fake leaves which I bought in store and colored them gold. It is easy, isn't it?

 "Knock knock, trick or treat?"



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

SOMETHING SIMPLE AND OLD is having this contest for bloggers to play fun with our accesories that I was not aware of. I just saw their post on Instagram that said the latest should be submitted by the end of today and thank God I have the chance to submit mine. The pictures below will be in black-and-white and sepia, I don't know why the photos in sepia ended up that way.

Oversized Denim Jacket - Dad's (Levi's), White Tee - Thrift Store, Watch - GUESS, Jeans - Levi's 501, Vintage Shoes - Lancer

Went vintage for today's outfit, I thought of something simple and old. Searching through my closet, I did not find something vintage.. go figure! But luckily, my dad has this denim jacket which is two size bigger than my size so I decided to go for it and it ended up giving the outfit the old touch I desire from the very first start. For the simple touch, I was afraid that too much accesories would kill the vintage feels, so I decided to only have a watch.. remembering I don't have so many accesories since I am the type of a guy that hates to wear so many accesories in one outfit. What matters for me in wearing accesories is that the accesories don't end up out of place. Play fun with accesories doesn't always mean to have all kind of accesories attached to your body, does it? And to not make the outfit duller than it already is, I added the vintage backpack I had back then in high school.

"Denim for vintage look could never go wrong. Just like a sprinkle on top of an ice cream." - IPIHIPPIE



Sunday, 27 October 2013


Decided to layer up for this outfit as the weather is getting colder (it still is super hot at noon though). Since my last update, I've become attached to having the shirt inside of the t-shirt kind of style. It's a good choice for fall, moreover if you put on a jacket on top of that. Believe me, it is super comfortable and warm.

Badboy Cap - Thrift Store, T-shirt - Thrift Store, Grid Shirt - Unpossed, Varsity Jacket - NICUM, Shorts - Dust Jeans, Socks - Sport's, All Star Sneakers - Converse

The cap and shorts give this outfit that swag feels. And on top of that, the sneakers from Converse completed the whole outfit beautifully. This outfit totally gives me the warmth I need.

"Fashion should be three things, harmless, fearless, and endless." - IPIHIPPIE



Sunday, 20 October 2013


Snapback – Tnk134Z, Shirt – Thrifted Store, Dinosaur Tshirt – Lunatic Inc, Skinnies – Celcius, Black Vintage Brouges - Lancer

Monochrome outfit is very loved nowadays. I’ve always wanted to try once too since long time ago, but I just had the opportunity today which failed fashionably. Aside from trying to have a monochrome outfit, I also tried something I never did before. It turned out a shirt inside a t-shirt is now my favorite casual outfit. I love how the shirt’s collar popped out and how it looked so casually cute yet serious in the same time. Also, I love the cute dinosaur print on my t-shirt that looked so adorable. I should have done this a long time ago. But I know you were wondering about something, am I right? Yes, I know I have that red snapback with the supposed-to-be monochrome outfit, but let’s just pretend that red is the new black or the new white. Your choice!

"Red with monochrome outfit could never go wrong. They don't outshine one to another." - IPIHIPPIE



Sunday, 6 October 2013


Monster Energy beanie - Thrift Store stripes tee - Swiss Army watch - Levi's DIY shorts - Sports socks - Specs sneakers

What's the best way to enjoy free time? My answer would be get wasted, OR blogging. This time, I am inspired by GD's latest MV called "Crooked", a song about someone who did everything he wanted without thinking anyone's opinion anymore since no one really cared  about him, so he chose to crook and enjoy the night. As always, GD blew me away with his sense of fashion in this music video, and I tried to imitate one of his crooked style and ta-da! I failed fashionably (at least that was what I though tho). Tell me how crooked I look with this look! ;)

P.S. : I just opened an online store on Instagram. It's called IPIHISTORE and please kindly check it out. I sell dope sweaters from Mr Gugu & Miss Go, they are all so awesome! Anyway, thanks!

"The best time of my life is when I can acknowledge how much I'm loved." - IPIHIPPIE



Tuesday, 1 October 2013


MOC sweater - Thrift Store galaxy shirt -  Guess watch - Celcius skinnies - ELEL creepers

I always have this soft spot for sweaters, jackets, and cardigans. I don't know since when I started to actually love them, but one thing for sure is that they're not only comfortable and warming when the weather becomes too cold, but also they're aesthetic in some ways.  There are times when we look at our outfit in the mirror and feel like something's missing. That's when you need them the most. And that's exactly what I'm doing with this look of mine. Oh, I love the color of this look. Super chilling!

"The best clothes you could have are the ones that make you both comfortable and fashionable." - IPIHIPPIE