Wednesday, 28 August 2013


  1. Plaid Shirt - MOC
  2. Black Tee - Giordano
  3. Watch - Swiss Army
  4. Skinny Jeans - Celcius
  5. Backpack - Online Store (here)
  6. Boots - GATS

Hey y'all! How's life? Mine's not so good these past few days. Knowing that holidays are over was like waking up from a very wonderful dreams. I hope you guys don't have the same situation as I'm in.

Anyway, it's been too long since my last post in this blog so I'm posting another look (please excuse both picture's quality and quantity). I wore this outfit on my very first day coming back as a student after having 4 months or so holiday. I combined those black tee from Giordano and black skinny jeans from Celcius to make my figure look skinnier (well, 4 months of holiday sure gained me more weight). And as you know how I'm like, I put on the plaid shirt I love so much as an outerwear to prevent the outfit become so gloomy since it was my very first day for God's sake. For the backpack, I don't give it much credit since I always use it when I go to campus, if you know what I mean..

How is it? Please let me know how is it, or else I'll give you a kiss :* (kidding though) lol

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated." - Oscar Wilde



Saturday, 17 August 2013


1. Shirt - Celcius
2. Vest - Kennex
3. Watch - Swiss Army
4. Pants - Celcius
5. Socks - Sports
6. Shoes - Lancer

Hello people! As I promised you yesterday that I'd post regarding the Independence day, here it comes! Bright red vest that's combined with plain white shirt, red stripes socks, black skinny jeans and vintage black shoes. I know you might think that why didn't I wear red/white pants after all? It's because everyone doesn't have everything they need in their closet and neither am I.

It's been so fun today, my neighborhood did some games for Independence day's celebration. From children to adults (the eldest was 70) joined the games which were of course categorized by age. Cheering and laughter were heard everywhere and also a karaoke machine was used to sing together. I was shocked myself when the MC of the games speaking so loudly. But after all, it's a very good day :)

I want to give my special thanks to my friend, Jequiline, who took these photos of mine. And to my fellow Indonesians, Happy Independence Day! 

"True Independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right" - Brigham Young



Friday, 16 August 2013


Lately, people asked me about the background of my photos. They said why wouldn't I take photo at difference places? To answer that, I've got my reasons. They're actually two reasons why, the first one is that I am too lazy to go outside just to take picture of my look (sometimes I do want to, and if  have chance then I'd gladly accept it). And the second one is that I don't think it is necessary (although I know the beach would look better behind me than that broken door and thick wall). I mean, in the end the main attraction of my photos isn't the background, but the outfits themselves. So, yeah I think  the background is not really a problem to me, I just want to clear things out so I won't be asked with the same question over and over again. :)

1. Beanie - Monster Energy
2. Pink Shrt - Polo Ralph Lauren
3. Backpack - Online Store (saitouasuka)
4. Shorts - Thrift Store
5. Watch - Swiss Army
6. Creepers - ELEL

Today's theme is about color blocking. I mixed all the most eye-catching colored items (and at the same time my FAVOURITE items) I had in my closet and look what happened. What do you think? I personally like the colors' combo so much, it's the they balanced each other well. I have no idea they would match this good at first, but after seeing the photos more closely it turned out better than my expectation. I couldn't have any better color-blocking outfit than this. Period.

Oh, and wait for my next post for Indonesia's Independence Day that might be posted about 20 or more hours from now. So excited!

"If the cut of the costume indicates intellect and talent, then the color indicates temper and heart." - Thomas Carlyle



Friday, 9 August 2013


1. Glasses - Ray Ban 
2. Denim Jacket - Thrift Store
3. Tshirt - Giordano
4. Plaid Shirt - MOC
5. Pants - Cheap Monday
6. Shoes - GATS

Nowadays, having a shirt or sweater tied up on your waist becomes so popular. I have no idea who started this trend, but he/she has a very good sense in fashion I could tell. And here's a look of mine that represented the trend itself. I actually had done this kind of look before here, but with different way of styling. I put on the denim jacket just to prevent the look to be boring, and it turns out great (Thank God).

Anyway, I want to say "HAPPY EID MUBARAK" to all my brothers and sisters who celebrate it. May the peace it brings never leaves but stays forever instead. :)

"Fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions." - Coco Chanel