Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Jacket (Baleno),  Backpack (Planet Ocean), Pants (Celcius), Shoes (Nike), Scarf (Thrifted)

好久不见!(Long time no see!) I've been a very bad blogger for abandoning my blog for two months. It's just these past two months I've been super busy with school's stuffs such as assignments and finals. I got no time for doing anything but reading those Chinese characters and memorizing them which almost got my brain burnt to ashes. Thankfully, I finished the finals in January and got a break for a week before my ten-days trip to Shanghai and Beijing, which is the very reason I came back! Yup, I'm about to share the trip with you, but it will be in many parts because I've got one thousand photos from the trip and I still have to choose the best ones to put in here. And as you can see from the title of this post, it will be the beginning of the many trip diary posts.

Ten days of travel in Shanghai and Beijing, I didn't take many outfit photos (none in Beijing, sigh) because of some problems. But thankfully in Shanghai, I've got two (or three, hopefully) outfits captured although not in the very professional way. At least, they are presentable to put in here, lol. Talking about the trip, it was an experience that I won't change for the world. I got the chance to go to places that many people don't have the chance to go to, and I have to say that I am forever grateful! Although I found some troubles here and there along the trip, but most important is I enjoyed every second of it. 



  1. Stunning pics! :3 i love all pics in this post!!
    especially the first pic, so cool!!<3

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  2. Beautiful place!

  3. great pictures! and your shoes!

  4. cool pic! anyway what camera you use trough your every single post? if you dont mind let me know :)

  5. your backpack is so cool! i'd love to wear it everyday to class if i have it <3

    love, Diras. fashion blogger on

  6. nice trip ya ^_^ specially love your sneakers
    wwo.. same with me used Canon 600D :)



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