Monday, 5 February 2018


Paradigma Kafe – a paradigm for a well thought-out concept of a cafe.

It was my bestfriend, Tri, who told me about this place. We planned to go there together to shoot some photos for Instagram. Unfortunately, ‘till this day we haven’t had the chance to go there together. The timing is not always right, and was also almost entirely my false. I went there first with a friend as well, Zefanya, to share the stories only we both know *insert wink emoji here*.

I have to say, this place is utterly cool. The front yard was quite huge and extremely Instagram-able. My favorite was the corner where I shot all the photos I uploaded here. The architectural element of this café was maddening. You can just stand there, wait for the click and there you have it, a bunch of pleasantly captured images. Moreover, the photos here were only taken by my iPad Mini 4. Yes, you read it right. iPad Mini 4!

The first time I stepped into the café, I was met with a model posing for a photographer in front of her. I guess this view isn’t much of a big deal anymore for the crews’ eyes, but it was for me. And I am talking about a real photographer, with lighting, humongous lenses, and those professional photography stuffs. I was quite astonished to have seen such view AT THE ENTRY GATE of a café. Who wouldn’t though? It is obviously the indication of how photogenic the place must be.

Speaking of their food, I liked the taste. I might be the biggest eater and would say good to simply everything (even cucumber alone), but I really do like the food. The café has a vast array of foods, from western to the local delicacies. I ordered fried cassava, which garnished with shrimp paste sambal (very Indonesian, loved it!), alongside with their Ice Lemon Tea. My friend, Zefanya, ordered a deliciously baked pastry called Kue Coklat Coffee. It was so delicious. Overall, we loved the foods we ordered haha. More than the foods, we love the atmosphere. 

If you guys living in Jakarta need a place to hangout, or to shoot Instagram photos, go to this place.

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