Monday, 12 June 2017


Four months hiatus. Miss me?

I miss you guys too, but first thing first. Look at that beautiful two-toned t-shirt I bought from The Executive. It is so versatile courtesy of its simplistic cuts and colors. I know, it's so last year to wear monochromatic pieces, but I just can't resist the urge to actually buy it. Over the months I went to hiatus, I came to love something so simple and practical. It's funny, though, because the reason that causes this change of heart is the weather. Most of the posts in this blog were filled with my lamentation about how the heat kills me every day. This super comfortable t-shirt made of 100% cotton is simply heaven. It absorbs sweat as good as sponge absorbs water. Totally not exaggerating right there!

Talking about comfort, I just can't have enough of these pants. They are way too comfortable. Oh so light, and having it cut calf-length makes it even comfier. The pants are actually a DIY. Originally, it was a full-length joger pants that I bought at a thrift store in China, but sadly for me, it wasn't short enough. So there goes my creativity, cutting it calf-length and shaping it like a pair of jeans culottes. What do you think, guys? Did I nail the reconstruction?

Oh, and fyi. On May 18, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. I'M OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! After four year and nine months of tiring fight, I f*ckin' made it. Yeay! 

The Executive two-toned t-shirt, DIY Thrift store pants, Jim Joker sandals.

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