Saturday, 7 March 2015


Haven't I told you that Beijing has a lot of temples? It's a wonder I see more temples in Beijing than skyscrapers, knowing that it's the capital city of China. But then again, it's actually no wonder due to the historical background that this city carries itself.

The temple that I gawked at the most was The Temple of Heaven or Tian Tan, which was the most beautiful of them all. Before I got to see this temple, I still had to walk  around 2 km from the main gate and also I needed to endure -5 Celcius windy weather, but it was all paid off when my eyes were set on the beautiful temple. I really, really love the look of the temple, it was just beautiful. The picture of the temple that I shared here is merely as beautiful as the real thing. Also, the park that surrounded this temple was a really good place to find peace, or at least for a walk, not only because it was ridiculously big, also because it was really calm (at least when I went there it was so calm, ha!). I passed by some taichi's groups doing their practice or something. Don't really know a single thing about taichi, lol.


Thursday, 5 March 2015


Leather Jacket (Baleno), Maroon Shirt (Rown Division), Vest (Thrifted), Pants (EASY), Sneakers (Nike)

So here are some outfit photos taken in Summer Palace. On previous post, I did say that my layering was too light, didn't I? I only got leather jacket for the outerwear with shirt and unseen vest underneath which led me to having backache from trembling too much and jaw-ache for chattering nonstop! To make the story short, the day before I went to Summer Palace, I wore this leather jacket as well which actually was enough to fight with the cold. The thing is I forgot that I paired it up with my thick hoodie from Uniqlo (you can see the outfit I'm talking about on my Chapter VI: The Forbidden City post). By the time I was freezing to death, there was no way for me to go back to the hotel because it took at least an half hour, so yup I tried my best to stay strong there! Ha.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Beijing has a lot of temples, I am telling you. Like, every historical sites that I went to had temples in it, and not just one. It could be more than ten or twenty. Perhaps because they used to be a kingdom, a very big one at that, so that there are so many of them. I'm not complaining, though, because they were all beautiful.

Talking about temples, here is one of the temples that I found so beautiful. It was in Summer Palace, called The Temple of Buddha. Although it was not humongous, but it has its own beauty. Maybe because it was located a little bit far away from busy streets and city crowds that I found peace coming to this place, or  simply because I admired the view right across the temple, which was the combination of calming, frozen lake and the busy city of Beijing. The contradiction of those two brings so much peace to my mind and also partly because the sun was so much appreciated at the moment, due to the llight-layering I was wearing that day that I was frozen to death. So yes, this temple was so beautiful.