Saturday, 14 November 2015


Casual is meant for Saturday nights, well at least for me, a happy single man.

Isn't it ironic to be writing a blog post about an outfit inspiration for Saturday nights, instead of actually wearing it and go have some fun? Well, I won't bother though. Saturdays are all the same for me personally. Telling you the truth, it is not the days that I am excited about, but it is how I dress myself on those days that is the actual excitement.

I mostly spend my Saturdays at home, because for a student like me, they are the real break. The break from all those stressing, mind-crushing assignments and essays. However, it is a whole different story when my friends come along. Hanging out with them on Saturday is what you'd call madness. They are the epitome of lunatics, my favorite bunch of lunatics lol.

To avoid myself from being so overwhelmed by their antics, I opt to wear everything light and casual. I would never, in any way, wear outerwear because knowing them, a bunch of people who could never stay still, wearing outerwear is just the same as suicide. It will make me sweat like pigs, even in an air conditioned restaurants, let alone outdoor outings. That is the same reason why I always choose tshirts, or polo, over shirts for the tops. I could move more freely in them and they prevent me from excessively sweating lol. For the bottoms, I am okay with everything as long as it is comfortable and makes me look taller or skinnier. In this case, skinnies and shorts would do. For the shoes, however, is a little bit different. The rule above is invalid, I repeat, invalid. No matter how comfortable the shoes are, but if they don't get along with my whole outfit, they are still not qualified. The shoes which match the whole outfit and make me confident wearing it are the ones I'd pick to go with my Saturday night outfit, regardless of its discomfort. I'm not saying that the shoes I'm wearing here are uncomfortable. They are, to be perfectly honest, very comfortable and stylish.

So, if your friends are as mad as mine, then you should consider doing the same as I do. But if you are spending the Saturday night with someone to impress, then, of course, go out there and dress as dressy as you could and impress them! *winking*

Taobao Stripes tshirt & shoes, Celcius Pants, Thrifted Socks & bracelets, Miniso Headphones

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