Monday, 10 August 2015


An all-black outfit on Summer? Why the hell not?

Yes, why not? Dermatologists in South Korea gave an advice to Korean people to wear dark-colored clothes in Summer, because according to their research, the darker the color, the harder the UV rays get through onto your skin. Uh huh that's true! Darker colors infiltrate UV rays much more than light colored clothes could have. It's been proven by the dermatologists themselves. Navy blue, black, dark gray, or dark brown should be counted on your to-go summer outfit color palette next time, because now they are successfully getting into my colors-for-my-to-go-clothes-in-summer list. Haha, such a long name for a list that is.

Taobao Head to Toe, Miniso Sunglasses

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  1. Really love the look, super cool. Love the background too :)
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    Thank you, GBU Oliver. :)


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