Thursday, 23 July 2015


Suckers for white, here's a summer outfit inspiration for you!

Frankly speaking, I'm one of suckers for everything white as well, so this outfit is basically due to my liking towards the color. I like looking at people dressed in white because they look effortlessly flawless and somehow clean. I don't know how to properly explain what I see in white, but if you ask me to choose colors, I'll always opt to pick whites. Maybe because it simply sits well with my personality that loves everything in clean and tidy situation lol.

Here I am wearing white to enjoy my summer escape a few days ago, and I might say I loved the ensemble especially when it's accompanied by the flares of golden sunbeam, and the addition of accesories that scream nothing but summer, and in my case, caps, sunnies, bracelets, and double strap sandals. Any thought about my decision of wearing whites instead of other vibrant colors for summer? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Let me know! Head to Toe, Miniso Sunnies

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  1. Love the shirt! Good places too :d

  2. I love an all-white look. That's what is so exciting about summer :)

    1. Yeah me too! I'm obsessed with all-white look hehe ;)


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