Sunday, 26 July 2015


The main point of my second summer outfit is Polo shirts!

As we all know, summer requires us to wear less due to its heat. But when it comes to the idea of wearing less, I'm stuck with only tshirts and light button-down shirts. That is so not easy to style when the choices are so minimum, for me personally. I'm also a hypersensitive to heat, I sweat really easily so it'd get so uncomfortable when I'm starting to sweat like a pig lol. However, I found my comfort in Polo shirts when I want to look good without even wearing layerings because it already looks effortlessly attractive, and most importantly, it doesn't make me sweat like a pig thanks to the light, comfortable material I can sleep all night wearing it. Polo shirt that I'm wearing is simply making me feeling just that. And look at the color, how could I not love it?

Baleno Polo shirt, Celcius Denim pants, Sandals, Sling bag, Miniso Sunnies, Thrifted Bracelets


  1. Love the outfit and your blog :3

    Ana ♥

  2. You're right! I also have a hard time choosing what to wear everyday because I can't stand the heat :(



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