Thursday, 16 April 2015


I'm lack of many things, it's a fact that I, myself, could not deny. And there are simply too many to mention up here, but as a blogger, I've got two things that I'm really, really bad at (or so I thought I have) and I'm about to share.

First, experimenting. I am that kind of person who cherishes the things he knows by heart, which means I'm perfectly fine with playing safe. So, when I'm facing something out of my comfort zone, I'd freak out, literally. However, this post is simply the epitome of experimenting (it sure is) for me.
You see, overalls were never on my the-items-that-are-on-my-comfort-zone list because honestly, I can hardly come up with any idea of styling overalls. That's the very reason I came up with simple stripes tshirt, a pair of faux leather slip-ons from, and a white digital watch from Adidas to mix them with my white overalls and created this look that I'd be wearing in Coachella. If only I got a chance to go....

Second, levitating. Everything about creating levitation photos could be considered as my enemy for eternity, from its difficulties to shoot over and over again to the point I'm sick of my camera's click sound, to its complexity in editing. Nothing about creating levitation photos is easy to do, so please excuse the poor quality of my self-portrait levitation that I worked on ALL. DAY. LONG. I could, and would, never understand how Quyen Mike and his team could produce such stunning levitation photos, theirs are work of art!

Oh, I put a hint for next post's outfit in the photos. *insert flirty wink*

Thrifted Stripes tshirt, Overalls, Faux leather Slip-ons, Adidas Watch



  1. yes it's hard to styling with overalls, but you looks cute!! a great combination with your tshirt and slip on.

  2. amazing post :)
    have a nice weekend, kisses :)

  3. Obsessed with these. Style game on point.


  4. It is really hard for me too to get out of my comfort zone so I understand how uncomfortable it is. Happy to see you rocked the overalls! I love the ripped details.

  5. wow amazing
    New post is up:

  6. Lovely editing there!! Love the outfit too!!!
    Dora NEW POST on Bangs Bang | Bloglovin

  7. love that jumpsuit! hahaha really


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