Thursday, 5 March 2015


Leather Jacket (Baleno), Maroon Shirt (Rown Division), Vest (Thrifted), Pants (EASY), Sneakers (Nike)

So here are some outfit photos taken in Summer Palace. On previous post, I did say that my layering was too light, didn't I? I only got leather jacket for the outerwear with shirt and unseen vest underneath which led me to having backache from trembling too much and jaw-ache for chattering nonstop! To make the story short, the day before I went to Summer Palace, I wore this leather jacket as well which actually was enough to fight with the cold. The thing is I forgot that I paired it up with my thick hoodie from Uniqlo (you can see the outfit I'm talking about on my Chapter VI: The Forbidden City post). By the time I was freezing to death, there was no way for me to go back to the hotel because it took at least an half hour, so yup I tried my best to stay strong there! Ha.



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