Friday, 13 February 2015


It's finally here, the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower! I've been seeing and admiring this building in so many photographs in magazines or on TV, but seeing it with my own two eyes is just amazing! The building itself, as the world knows as the icon of Shanghai city, is simply beautiful! The view from the top of the building was breathtaking. It would've been better if I went there at night because of the city lights, but remembering that the queue might be somewhat crazy and too long, my friends and I decided to go there in daylight and we didn't have any regret at all because the view was just as wonderful! There was this observatory area where the glasses we stepped on were transparent and I was surprised to see that I could see the city underneath my feet. It was so cool, yet so frightening! Can you imagine if the glasses broke? I'd end up like meat chopped in pieces, like real pieces of meat! Ew, we don't want that, do we?

Anyway, the building is not just about that! It also has a theme park for children, again. After finding one in Century Park, I found another one in this iconic building. And yes, I rode the roller coaster, again. It was fun, though! Haha. After having the time of my life (by that I mean riding the roller coaster part), I went to the museum which was located on the first floor. I've got nothing much in there because of the battery issue. Over all, the Oriental Pearl Tower deserves to be the city's icon for its beauty!

Oh, the Chinese words on the photo means "Welcome to Shanghai".


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