Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I found out about this park on the internet when I searched the recommended places for tourists in Shanghai. The city has too many parks, I must say. In my list, there were at least 5 parks that were recommended for tourists to go. However, there was only one that I eventually chose, which is Century Park. This park was beautiful! It wasn't just like any park that I've been to, because every five meters I walked, I emitted "woaaah, beautiful!" kind of (embarassing) expression. It's no wonder, because for me, this park is the Chinese version of New York's Central Park or not better, though I've never been there before lol. When you're in Shanghai, make sure to give this park a visit because the view is simply amazing AND, it also has a mini theme park. I really enjoyed riding the Pirate's Ship ride there. It was for kids, though. But still, it was really fun!


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