Friday, 6 February 2015


Okay, so this is the continuation of my ten-days trip diary in Shanghai and Beijing after the Prelude. However, this part will be talking all about Shanghai at night and how beautiful it was!

To say that I was excited to finally step my feet in the city that everybody knows is beautiful is an understatement. Shanghai is indeed BEAUTIFUL. The very first day I came, I went to the iconic The International Bund right away, which showed me how Shanghai shone at night. The view took my breath away, period. It was love at the first sight, especially with the sight of oh-so-unique Oriental Pearl Tower. Shanghai was just amazing! If you are planning to come to Shanghai, make sure to visit The International Bund at night because it will take your breath away like it did to me.

The next day, my friends and I went to the tallest building in Shanghai named The World Financial Center Building which is 470 meters high. You know what happened when I arrived at the highest point of the building and looking down? I (embarassingly) screamed. That was absolutely terrifying to say the least. Can you imagine if the glasses break? Nope, I can't. The view was beautiful, though. If The International Bund showed me how beautiful city lights from the frontside, then The World Financial Center Building showed me how beautiful Shanghai was from above. My breath was taken away the second time there. Well, that would be many breath-taking views in this trip, so get used to my breath taken away lol.

Anyway, that'd be it for now. Hope you guys enjoy the first part of my trip diary in Shanghai and Beijing. See you on the next part!



  1. That's so nice to travel around the world :)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  2. These pictures are amazing! Shanghai looks like a beautiful city, I wanna visit it someday.



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