Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hat (Thrifted), Shirt (Blackjack), Blazer (Taobao), Necklace (Thrifted), Pants (Easy), Shoes (Nike)

This is the interlude of my trip diary in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as the second last part of my trip diary in Shanghai and Beijing. Today I'm gonna talk about my outfit that day which was perfectly captured on top of the Oriental Pearl Tower Observatory Ball in the afternoon, and in Tianzifang, European inspired street, at night. Have I told you that the Observatory ball of Oriental Pearl Tower has the transparent glasses that we can see the city beneath our feet and that it was really scary to sit in there? I thought I have told you on previous post, but it's okay to tell you again.

In this ensemble, I'm making it sporty dapper as I was wearing this beautiful red velvet blazer I bought in Taobao, the online shop sent from heaven in China, which made the outfit look dapper but then I gave a little bit sporty twist on the footwear as I was wearing these will-be-forever-cherised-by-me Nike sneakers. Oh, credits to the hat for giving the outfit some elegant vibes and the necklace for the edgy ones.

The best part about wearing this ensemble in Shanghai was that nobody gave a damn about how I dressed up, and that's what I'm expecting to be like in Indonesia someday. *fingercrossed



  1. Cool!

  2. Love the blazer!
    It's really cool!

  3. Fantastic pic!


  4. Great photos!!


  5. I love those shoes. Classic Nikes. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  6. I might have freaked out if I was standing there, lovely shoot!

  7. Enjoy your time in Shanghai! I miss it so much!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

    Helen xx

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