Saturday, 27 December 2014


Leather Jacket (Baleno), Shirt (Thrifted), Knitted Sweater (SPAO), Vintage Backpack (Planet Ocean), Pants (Celcius), Shoes (Nike)

Although Christmas had just passed, but the joy it brought is still clearly floating in the air as the songs about Christ's birth are playing over and over again everywhere. It is indeed the most beautiful time of the year because who can deny how joyful Christmas it is? Here in China is not an exception. People celebrated Christmas a little bit differently, which means they (or most of the population) didn't celebrate it by gathering with the family in front of the fireplace or dinner table, but by shopping 'till their wallet turned into paper because the discounts here were crazy, no no scratch that, I mean insane, all only for Christmas celebration! I almost lost myself in the ocean of % sign in every store I laid my eyes on, but thank God I didn't.

Not buying things nor getting any presents doesn't mean I didn't get the joy of Christmas because it isn't always about things or presents, but I found my joy in more simple way. Finding this super beautiful, tall Christmas tree surrounded by these Garfield miniatures, not to say the cute ones, is my simple Christmas joy. Even though I'm thousand miles away from my source of joy (yup, family and close friends!), but at least God gives me another (simple ones) source of joy in this year's Christmas and I'm forever grateful for that. Wasting no time to squeal over how cute these miniatures were, I snapped some photos (including my outfit, of course). All photos were taken right after I went back from church lol. So, mind sharing your joyful Christmas? ;)


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Photos by: Callista Miranda
Denim Jacket (Baleno), Shirt (ROWN DIVISION), Pants (Celcius)

Guess who's got himself a DIY Christmas tree (without a star, lol) in his room? Yup, me. Can't believe, the most beautiful and joyous time of the year is only one week away! Time does fly too fast that I think it was just yesterday I celebrated last year's Christmas with my family, and now I'm about to celebrate it again, but this time, alone and so far, far away from home. Although I have to celebrate Christmas alone this year, but I still get myself a present. And as present, I mean this light green denim jacket that I purchased few days ago in Baleno. Aside from its color being so Christmas-y, I also still don't have any piece in this color in my closet so I thought, why the hell not? I might need to be a little bit more creative in mix-and-matching this jacket with my other pieces, which I have to admit isn't an easy job, but for now let's just put the worry aside and be happy on Christmas! Anyway, have you got yourself a gift for Christmas?