Monday, 24 November 2014


Photos by: Callista Miranda

Denim Shirt - Thrifted, Sweater - Blackjack, Jacket - Baleno, Pants - Celcius, Sneakers -  Airwalk

As Autumn is leaving and temperature is dropping day by day, thick layerings are needed more than anything. When November started, wearing a sweater without anything underneath was more than fine because I actually enjoyed the cold back then. But now, after it hit 12 degrees in the afternoon, even the thickest sweater won't work. I have to put on another thick piece underneath the sweater to prevent the cold from coming in, and the thicker and the longer the sleeves are the better. Hence, the denim shirt buttoned all the way up. Now, do you think it's enough? Nope. If  I were in my room, yes it would. But the photos were clearly taken otside, so no it is not enough. I have to take my outerwear with me (in this case, my oversized jacket from Baleno) so that at least I have a source of warmth. If not, then my teeth won't stop *insert sneeky grin*


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Leather Jacket - Baleno, Vest - Thrifted, Shirt - Thrifted, Pants - Celcius, Shoes - Nike Air Veer GS

I don't know whether it's already winter or not, but all I know for sure is the temperature, day by day, is getting lower and lower. I have to wear at least two or three layers of clothes to keep my body warm as I'm not used to the cold. I'm not only talking about outfits that I wear to an outing, but also about what I'm wearing in my bedroom. T-shirts and thin clothes are no longer in my to-wear lists. I even sleep in my thickest knitted sweater (totally not complaining!). However, I almost hate nothing about this cold weather simply because it allows me to wear my stocked-up-for-too-long-in-my-closet thick sweaters and jackets. The only problem I encounter every day is freezing feet and hands. But, if I could dress up fashionably like this every day and in every season without fear of sweating and feeling uncomfortable, then I'd complain nothing. Until next time!


Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Photo by: Callista Miranda

Leather-sleeved Denim Jacket - ROWN DIVISION, Stripes Tee - Thrifted, DIY Shorts - Cheap Monday, Socks - Thrifted, Shoes - Nike Air

Sometimes, new things are scary. Yes, it's scary to encounter something new, especially when it could ruin something that you've got used to. A simple example is when you get a new haircut. Honestly speaking, I would feel anxious every time I go to the barbershop. The anxiety won't go away until I see the final result of the haircut, will it be the same as my liking or not? It has always been hard to tell. However, my recent haircut fits me just right, not too long nor too short. To say that I feel relieved was an understatement, I feel so damn happy! My hair was always either too long, or too short.

However, most of the times new things excite me. Not like my hair, the new things that I buy are mostly the ones that excite me, no fear of being put in the dark and not knowing whether you look good wearing it or not. These babies are no exception, they are too precious. Yes, it's the shoes! These babies from Nike really, really excite me. By the time I laid my eyes on it, I fell in love right away. I mean, who wouldn't? From its comfortable materials to its futuristic feature, especially those white borders with that forever strong, bold check logo on top of it, everything is perfect.

Conclusion is, new things are good. Even sometimes, they are too good to be true. Just believe that in the end, it will be all good. Until next good time!


Saturday, 1 November 2014


Checked Jacket - Baleno, Stripes Tee - Thrifted,  Ripped Jeans - Celcius, Socks - Thrifted, Sneakers - Airwalk

The third day in Henan, we were brought to the iconic Long Men Cave which have amazingly huge statues of Buddha and those were handmade by human thousand years ago. I was absolutely blessed to have a chance to go to that place. With the temperature so chilly that day, I was simply thankful that I at least could take a picture without looking sweaty like an ugly pig.

Before we went to there, we first went to Song Shan Xue Yuan to practice Wushu for oh-so-devastating 4 hours. Let's just say, the first time always hurts the best when it comes to workout because I wasn't accustomed to the pressure. The practice resulted me in walking like zombie, every single step I took was like walking through the hell's fire (I exaggerated a bit, but still it hurt like hell!).

That day I wore this sickeningly cheap checked blue jacket that I got from Baleno (I scored it with 80% discount, hell yeah!) a few days before I went to Henan. I thought it would only be appropriate wearing it for this kind of tour because the comfort it gave me was priceless. I strolled around Long Men Cave not feeling cold, but warm instead. Absolutely handy to prohibit cold from attacking my body.