Saturday, 23 August 2014


Dayak Tshirt - Gift from Borneo, Pants - Celcius

I was absolutely amazed by these photos which were taken by my friend earlier today. It was actually unplanned, only started with taking some selfie junks which then led us to the point where we posed like crazy, from some dramatic ones to the most silly ones. Oh, and how I love those leaves making the photos more dramatic. Don't you think so?

Moreover, having my tshirt in the same color with the background only doubled my happiness, because look how amazingly radiant those vivid colors are! I absolutely adore this tshirt because rocking something as amazing as that is so my forte (is it really?). I love every single thing about it, from its materials to its design and hues. I'm so gonna wear this tshirt as much as I could because it's just so comfortable. I could practically wear it everywhere. And by everywhere, I literally mean everywhere!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Before I talk any further about this island, I'd like to apologize first for the noise and bad quality pictures since they were only captured by my humble Galaxy Note I so when I resized it, noises were all over the pictures. But I hope you, my hippie readers, can still enjoy the view as much as I did.

Moving on to the main topic, here's the finale of my trip diary before this holiday comes to an end. The island my friends and I went to is called Kodingareng Keke island, about 45 minutes away from Makassar by boat. It took 15 to 20 minutes longer than Samalona Island (see it here). This island was smaller than Samalona, and nobody lived there. There were only trees around the island and yes, it's an unhabited island. The water was so beautifully clear and shining, and the small corals near the shore were in so many cute shapes (my friend got herself a coral in the shape of a chicken foot haha). It was simply a very beautiful view. It'll be so cool if you get the chance to go there without having another tourists around, because it practically feels like your own island *lol.

The bad news is I got my skin burnt ten times worse than I had when I went to Samalona. And to make things even worse that it already did, I (stupidly) forgot to put on some sunblock. I came home with skin absolutely charred. Damn, the sun! But, it was so fun, nonetheless.


Monday, 4 August 2014


Denim Jacket & Aztec printed tshirt - Thrifted, Pants - Celcius, Sneakers - Converse

Another travel diary. Another new, heavenly place. Well, sorry (not sorry) for not updating any outfit posts frequently since I have so many things at hand to handle. But at least I have something for you to read, don't I? This time, my traveling went a little bit tougher than the last times (see the other travel posts here) since it was up on the hill.

This place is called Leang-leang (Caves, in English), located in Maros which is one to two hours away from Makassar, South Sulawesi. It has many caves (of course, duh!) which were used by the primordial men as their shelter thousands years ago. But we only visited two caves that time. Those caves had their handprints and some prints that the tour guide said were "pigs" on the caves' ceiling, but too bad I didn't get any good pictures of it since I only took photos with my humble Galaxy Note (hence the photos' quality), so it couldn't be seen in frame. I tried to take some pictures in the caves, but all I could get was darkness *sigh.

However, the view outside the caves was simply amazing. I've got so many good spots to take some pictures. Even if I didn't post any outfit posts frequently like a blogger should have, but at least in every postcards I always put in the pictures of the outfit I was wearing during the whole trip, so it pretty much makes it all up. After this, I still have one last trip to share, but let's just wait for it. I need to get some things done. For the hint, check out my instagram to know where I went to *wink. Until next time!