Saturday, 15 March 2014


Glasses - Giorgio Armani, Denim Shirt - Kruger, Blazer - Celcius, Ripped Jeans - Raw Denim, Hologram Shoes - Adorable Project

The heavens were on my side today that I could shoot a few pictures of my outfit above. I did a light blue monochrome look which was very relaxing to see. To be honest, it was quite difficult for me to do monochrome aside from an all-black outfit because I don't have so many clothes and pants that have the same color tone. Thankfully, I got this light blue blazer that I could pair up with my denim shirt and my light blue ripped jeans. Also, I thank God for sending me these gorgeous hologram shoes so that I could pair it up with my monochrome look and guess what? It did magic! Look how good they put the whole outfit together. Aren't they just perfect? Oh, and just for the icing. I put on my glasses to give the look a little bit more of seriousness, because the ripped jeans are too casual for everyone's liking.



  1. I adore your blazer! <3 and that shoes damnn I want them


  2. love the combination! love your shoes too! <333

  3. This post is just perfect ;)
    Kisses my beautiful <3

  4. cool denim jacket :D


  5. love how you mix and matched everything. The ripped jeans and the shoes definitely wrapped everything up in a really good way !


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