Monday, 18 November 2013


I am so thankful that I don't have to go through those hot days as it started to rain in my town, Makassar. Knowing that I can wear the thickest jacket without feeling hot is such joy. But rain always reminds me of the good, or bad, old days (no memories in particular, it just reminds me of everything good or bad in the past). Anyway, excuse my duck face below. :p

Color Splash Shirt - TRG-GRS, Watch - Guess, Black Skinny Jeans - Celcius, Vintage Brogue - Lancer

This look is inspired by that period of time (I don't know exactly which one, 60's, 70's, 80's, or 90's) when color-splashed clothes became the trend. I bought this shirt a few days ago when I went shopping with my cousin. It was the last minute when I found it. The splash of colors of this shirt gives that vintage vibes. So I decided to go vintage. All I did in those photos above to dress the shirt vintagely was tuck it in, fold the sleeve a little bit, and button it all the way up and BAM there it goes the vintage shirt you want it.

"I love giving vintage touch to my outfit. It's like I turn back time and go back to the good old days when life is only about being happy". - IPIHIPPIE



Monday, 4 November 2013


I didn't intend to update my blog today. But seeing as the sky was cloudy (not so cruelly sunny and HOT like any other days) and the wind blew so chilly, I ended up doing a shot wearing an item I am so fond of YET almost never wear from the very first time I bought it. Yeah, it is the infamous Bart Simpson printed sweater. Thank God I could finally wear this bad-ass, fluffy sweater which I didn't have a chance to before due to the heat and dryness of my beloved city, Makassar. *throws confetti*

Snapback - Tnk134Z, Bart Simpson Pullover look-alike - Voltashion, Shorts - Dust Jeans, Socks - Sports, All Star Sneakers - Converse

I decided to go for something casual. I once posted an outfit wearing this sweater combined with black skinny jeans. But for today, I wore shorts instead of full-length pants. And for something casual, nothing is better combined with shorts but a pair of sneakers and a kick-ass snapback. I couldn't agree more with that. 

"Everyone must have this one item that they could wear anytime they want and anywhere they go. It's just so rarely to find that kind of item." - IPIHIPPIE