Saturday, 20 July 2013


1. Aztec Tee - Thrift Store
2. Belt - Thrift Store
3. Khaki Pants - Zara Men
4. Watch - Swiss Army
5.  Boots - GATS

I actually wanted to post this look earlier, but too bad I've got a very bad influenza to deal  with few days ago (thank God I'm healed now don't worry) that's why I end up posting it now. How are you guys doing? And how's my effortless look? I must say, it was effortless because I actually didn't plan to have this look but I ended up having it anyway, so yes I'm still posting it.

I bought that Aztec tee long time ago when I walked on a thrift store for tees. The fabric is comfortable as well, good for hot weather. I pair it up with my khaki pants which suited the tee best. I'm not quite sure with the watch though, because I could choose to whether wear it or not. But I wore it anyway, so no pressure. ;D

Anyway, I'd like to thank those who sent condolences for my uncle on my previous look, I appreciated it SO MUCH. Sorry for not replying you guys one by one but please notice that I'm very thankful for your condolences :) THANK YOU.

"In the end, how much effort you put into something that's gonna lead you to the best result you wish for." - IPIHIPPIE




  1. love the aztec on earth colors! so adventurous
    "All The Way To The Halcyon Days" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  2. the aztec tee is so cool!
    love the last quote, I agree. and btw thanks for your comment in my blog!


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