Saturday, 20 January 2018


Having fun with colors.

I love colors. I am grateful for the existence of colors. I could not, and simply don’t want to, imagine a world without colors. However, playing with colors in my photos is a whole other story. It is quite stressful because I don’t have profound knowledge about colors mix-matching. I usually put an ensemble together based on what feels good for me. If an ensemble has a weird feeling to it, I would not wear it. It also goes the same with image editing. Therefore, I usually take pictures with colors that later will not be a pain in the ass to edit; yellows, reds, greens and blues. Some saturation adjustments here and there, and voila! You could check out my Instagram photos (here) to see what I am talking about.

Recently, while I was scrolling through my Youtube app, I stumbled upon a Youtuber saying that the existence of blue in a picture could increase one’s interest towards the picture. She also said that more than 70% of people most likely would give likes to a photo whose color composition consists of at least 50% blue. How come? As the Youtuber said, and I quoted, “Because most people’s favorite color is blue, obviously.” I finally realized that the photos of ocean that I uploaded, or photos with more blues in it, usually received more likes than other non-blueish photos. Well well well, now you know which color should be in your next Instagram photo, right?

Oh! In case you are here because the caption on my Instagram photo, sorry not sorry. I was kidding, lol. I was cold, so I put my hands like that to warm them up. Gotcha J

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