Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Golden-hour serenity.

Some people asked me about the things I usually do in my spare time, aside from blogging and reading. I would, without a doubt, answer, “taking photos at the golden hour.” Why golden hour, though? Well, I could give you five reasons why.

First thing first, the color. The pictures always have this vivid-looking color gradation. I don't have any scientific explanations about the contributing factors that inflict this phenomenon, but one thing I know of is that it is very pleasant to look at. Don’t you think so?

Secondly, the objects are always pleasantly photographed in a delicate, golden-y light (when it’s captured facing the source of light), which I, personally, am very fond of. When back-facing the source of light, they create artistically-formed silhouettes.

It also comes handy for some of us who do not have excellent editing ability, as the pictures come out naturally beautiful most of the times. The editing part is sometimes unnecessary.

The most exciting part is to see how the pictures gradually become more picturesque as the time for the sun to set draws closer. The excitement is real, trust me.

Lastly, it always ends up as an unforgettable, nerve-calming experience. The breeze, the warmth, the light. It is all so worthy of my time and energy, for it repays me with serenity. I very much recommend you guys to try it sometimes.

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