Tuesday, 4 July 2017


A glimpse of simplicity and serenity crossing each other's path.

It was Sunday afternoon, the sun was about to set when I asked my friend to take these pictures of me sitting down on a quite small garden, tiles adjoined the well-groomed bushes ramifying throughout the patch. A complete serenity. No passers-by, no growling sound of car machines. It was total silent, only the wind blew its breeze. Hence, the joyous, sincere smile.

Similarly, the outfit brings out the serenity from its simplicity. There isn't much to see, yet it was enough. The color palettes are balancing each other, none overshadowing the other. Rather, it complimented each other in all right places. Its simplicity fitted well with the remote surroundings. Neutral meets nature, simplicity meets serenity. A pleasant sight to capture and remember.

Needle Apparel long-sleeves, Celcius jeans, Jim Joker sandals

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