Friday, 16 September 2016


Breads and pastries are good friends of afternoon read, indeed.

It is not a burdensome to eat them while reading your book, that's the first reason. There is no need to dirty your both hands. Therefore, you can hold your book in one hand and hold them in another. The second, it is undeniably delicious. Reading while having such a delighting, delicious meal? I would be lying if I say I am not enjoying it. Third, and the last one, it boosts up the good mood. Starving is the least thing I want to feel when I enjoy my favorite book, so yeah it does enlighten the mood.

Now, where would I go to if I want to enjoy my afternoon read? Well, the place's name is written on the title. Yup, it is HOSHI Bakery. I need to say that their healthy Japanese breads and pastries are as delicious as they look in photos, I swear. The Blueberry Cheese, my favorite, is so delicious. That is why it becomes the primadona. As for the beverages, they are just as delighful. I ordered the Ovomaltine Frappe and my life was getting sweeter on every sip I took, lol.

So, if your city is lucky enough to have HOSHI Bakery around, you should literally check 'em out because they make the best, healthiest breads and pastries in town for sure. And as they put it on their Instagram headline, "it's not just a bread, it's Hoshi bread."

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