Friday, 1 January 2016


Time does fly, but never too fast nor too slow.

Twenty fifteen has been nothing but an eventful year for me. It showered me with so many surprises that I would never be able to forget even if I am trying to. I've got a chance to go to places I could never think of going years ago. I could also do the things that I was so afraid of doing and the things I've been dying to do. I met so many good people along the way and befriended with them, and I am forever grateful for that. I could thank God all my life and that would never be enough, because He's been too kind to me.

I started 2015 with going on a ten-days trip to Shanghai and Beijing with two of my friends, and continuing my study in Hunan University for seven months before finally going back to my hometown, Makassar. In Changsha, I met so many good friends, both Indonesians and foreigners. In span of one year, I shared so many beautiful memories with them that are more precious than any diamonds or golds. I got a chance to perform our country's traditional dance from Aceh, Tari Saman, at Hunan University's Chinese New Year party. I presented them one of Indonesia's magnificent traditional dances and and to say that I was so proud of myself seeing them enjoying it, clapping like crazy after it ended, would be an understatement. We also had a chance to cook Indonesian's favorite, Nasi Tumpeng, for Internation Dinner held by Hunan University. And guess what? People didn't only come to eat our dish, they even asked for the recipe lol. It was truly a life-changing experience that I am dying to reenact.

On July, I came back home and continued my college life as the student of Hasanuddin University. At first, it seemed too hard for me to keep moving forward. I kept comparing my lifestyle in China and mine here. At some point, I almost decided to give it all up. Fortunately, I did not. They say it right, that when you're at the bottom of your game, it could define who you are. It makes you, or breaks you. Thank God, Ive passed it all and I am back on my feet and ready to roll. Haha yeah I know, it sounds cheesy but that's the truth so deal with it, lol.

Ten photos above were my looks in 2015, I put it that way to remind myself that I did not update that often. Therefore, I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog since I've been so caught up with so many things that I've got no time for doing photoshoots. That is why, I've made some resolutions for 2016 and one of them is to be more active here on the blog. That's that! I wish guys happiness and best of luck for 2016. 


2016, BRING IT ON!

Sincerely yours, Ipihippie!

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