Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I know, I know I've been so bad for not updating anything for almost two months, but hey I've got things to arrange, especially after leaving China. Yes, I'm back to Indonesia for good! I was back exactly a week ago, and now trying to get used to everything here. Anyway, here's the new, long-awaited update for you guys!

So, first thing first! I went for a summer escape the first week I arrived here and I felt so delightful about it. I went to this resort I've been wanting to visit since long time ago, it was called AMATOA Resort. It was located in Tanjung Bira, 6 hours drive from my city. However, the long-drive was totally worth it once we got there! The view was simply beautiful, you have to go there yourself to prove my words lol. Blue, crystal clear sea, golden sunrays, and clear sky, what's better than those? *insert wink emoticon here*

My friends and I stayed there for 2 days and one night, we spent the whole day by taking pictures, taking thousand of pictures, and taking more photos lol. Kidding, we also went for an afternoon dip by the pool! Overall, we had fun!

P.S.: Warning! I still have more posts waiting to be uploaded, so get ready! They are all outfit posts, summer outfits to be exact! Wanna see how I dress myself for summer? You'll have to wait, duh. HEHE

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