Saturday, 7 March 2015


Haven't I told you that Beijing has a lot of temples? It's a wonder I see more temples in Beijing than skyscrapers, knowing that it's the capital city of China. But then again, it's actually no wonder due to the historical background that this city carries itself.

The temple that I gawked at the most was The Temple of Heaven or Tian Tan, which was the most beautiful of them all. Before I got to see this temple, I still had to walk  around 2 km from the main gate and also I needed to endure -5 Celcius windy weather, but it was all paid off when my eyes were set on the beautiful temple. I really, really love the look of the temple, it was just beautiful. The picture of the temple that I shared here is merely as beautiful as the real thing. Also, the park that surrounded this temple was a really good place to find peace, or at least for a walk, not only because it was ridiculously big, also because it was really calm (at least when I went there it was so calm, ha!). I passed by some taichi's groups doing their practice or something. Don't really know a single thing about taichi, lol.



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