Sunday, 22 February 2015


The last day spent in Shanghai was really tiring yet joyful. I went to several places which were famous for its tourist's commercial area. But before doing the shopping, we first went to this cute cafe I can hardly remember the name which was located right beside the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Then, we went to the Chocolate Land and sadly didn't go in because it was somewhat TOO expensive for us, students, which is why I only took some pictures outside (yeah, the ones with the donut).

After that, we continued the journey and went to the Garden of Contentment or Yu Garden. It was a really beautiful place to go to because the architecture pretty much shows you how the old buildings in China look like, also because inside you can find so many shops to buy souvenirs such as bags, jewelry, painting, etc. You name it, they have it all.

To the next destination, I have Tianzifang which is a labyrinth kind of alley with shops and stalls inside that sell every single thing you can buy in tourist's commercial area, from souvenirs, painting, the traditional stuffs like Chinese traditional clothes, to bars and restaurants from many different countries. I even spotted Indonesian's, yet sadly didn't get the chance to take a picture of it.

We ended the day by taking a walk at Xin Tian Di, which is famous for its mixture of the European and old Chinese archicture. It was best to go at night because the lighting was picturesque. Most of the stalls here were eateries and bars, so when you're feeling hungry and craving for European cuisine, this would be the best choice you've got.

So as I said it on my previous post, this will be the last part of Shanghai's trip diary. Spending five days in Shanghai was more than enough for me to enjoy the city. It was really well-spent, going to the beautiful places, eating delicious foods, and getting the chance to know the city better. If somebody asks me would I go to Shanghai again next time? I'll undoubtedly say YES!



  1. I love Xintiandi!! Actually, all of Shanghai :) Awesome post!! <3
    -Ally Gong

    1. Yes, I love Shanghai too!! :) Thanks, Ally!


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