Saturday, 28 February 2015


After going to the furthest place we got on list, then we went to the central point of Beijing City, Tiananmen! If you've watched The Karate Kid before, you must've known this place! Yup, The Forbidden City is just right inside Tiananmen. And fyi, this place is so big! No scratch that, it's humongous! I thought I would only spend like one to two hours of sightseeing, but oh boy, I've never been so wrong. It was like I spent three and a half hours just touring around this place. The temples were all so picturesque that I gawked at them more than I took picture. Nope, not kidding there! Althoough it was frozen cold with sun shining so bright (if that even makes sense), but I really was grateful that I've got the chance to put the beauty of this place in frames with vivid colors and sunrays beautifully pouring in. Now, it's forbidden to not coming to this place once you get the chance, because it's really worth the time.



  1. Wonderful pictures! Seems like an amazing place to visit :)

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  3. awesome photos!


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