Tuesday, 24 February 2015


It's time for Beijing trip to make its debut in my blog! Multiple yeays for that! After struggling much in choosing and editing the pictures, it's finally here!

Anyway, when we talk about Beijing, nothing will come to mind but this super long, humongous wall for it is the icon of Beijing, Republic of China even. Yup, it's the Great Wall! The second we arrived in Beijing, it was the very first place we planned to visit. Not only because it is the icon itself, but also because it was the furthest among the places we had on list.

It was two hours from our hotel by bus. Going to this beautiful place was like going through some winding roads. On the bus station, we were offered so many tickets from various buses' ticket scalper which really made us confused like hell. We didn't know which one was the official ticket seller for buses that went to the Great Wall. But we found out eventually, which was kind of funny because there were posters with buses' numbers that went to the Great Wall written on it and that we didn't have to look for tickets because we paid by the time we got in the bus. Amazing, right? We were looking for the tickets that didn't exist in the first place like some crazy people, and at the same time surrounded by "zombies" that yelled at us for not buying their tickets, . Yeah, as crazy as that.

Finally, after reached The Great Wall, we couldn't be happier! It was simply beautiful, especially when we saw the sun was about to set as our view. Although the trees were bald, not having a single leaf at all, but the branch made beautiful silhouttes when it was hit by the orange-colored sun ray. Also, enjoying the remaining snows on the ground that fell the night before and admiring the snake-like wall that stood so strongly among the hills was some of the greatest moment of my life. It was truly worth the pain we had to go through.

P.S.: When you plan to go on winter, please do wear thicker clothes because the wind was not kidding! It blew without mercy upon us, adding the -5 Celcius temperature that froze us like meat put in a freezer. Absolutely cold to death!



  1. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
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    Diana Cloudlet

  2. wow stunning photos. definitely need to travel there one day too


  3. What a chance ! I would like to visit Beijing a lot !



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