Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I really want to scream out so loud right now because my ultimate bias (yes, I am a proud VIP!) decided to make an editorial photobook which contains so freakin' many photos of him and his goddamn good-looking features. I know it's been all over the internet since last month, but I just got the chance to look at it thoroughly and guess what? I AM FREAKIN' DYING RIGHT NOW. DAMN YOU, MR. CHOI SEUNGHYUN! DAMN YOUR FACE! DAMN YOUR PERFECTION! WHY ARE WE NOT LIVING IN THE SAME COUNTRY? DAMN THE OCEAN FOR SEPARATING ME FROM YOU!

Anyway, I really really really love this editorial of his because each photos look so aesthetic. I don't know about you guys, but as a fan I could see so many sides of him that he didn't show in many shows he's been at. I could see the supermodel TOP, vulnerable TOP, super stylish TOP, and bingu TOP (which is my favorite). There are also photos that show how fashionable he is. I just can't help but adore how stylish he is (as you can see on some of this post's photos). There are actually so many more photos of his that I did not upload here in this very post because I might explode my blog by uploading them all, so I just got to choose my favorite ones.

One more thing, may God bless the soul of the photographer and those people behind this super beautiful photobook of my one and only idol and inspiration, Mr. Choi Seunghyun. And please, next time you launch the other photobook, GOOD LORD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US MR. CHOI SEUNGHYUN!

Aaand, this is exactly how I reacted when I checked out all his photos on Internet:

P.S.: Photos credits: owner.



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    1. OMG!!! He is, isn't he? Can't believe you are also a VIP kak Rosa!! This is so awesome! hahaha

  2. great post

  3. Really good imagery.

    ♡ Would be super happy to welcome you on as well ♡

  4. lovely blog :)

  5. envying the VIP :(

    he's too gorgeous to be true

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa


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