Sunday, 6 October 2013


Monster Energy beanie - Thrift Store stripes tee - Swiss Army watch - Levi's DIY shorts - Sports socks - Specs sneakers

What's the best way to enjoy free time? My answer would be get wasted, OR blogging. This time, I am inspired by GD's latest MV called "Crooked", a song about someone who did everything he wanted without thinking anyone's opinion anymore since no one really cared  about him, so he chose to crook and enjoy the night. As always, GD blew me away with his sense of fashion in this music video, and I tried to imitate one of his crooked style and ta-da! I failed fashionably (at least that was what I though tho). Tell me how crooked I look with this look! ;)

P.S. : I just opened an online store on Instagram. It's called IPIHISTORE and please kindly check it out. I sell dope sweaters from Mr Gugu & Miss Go, they are all so awesome! Anyway, thanks!

"The best time of my life is when I can acknowledge how much I'm loved." - IPIHIPPIE




  1. hahaha super cute beanie! <3
    anyway thanks for the comment :)
    feel free to check out my new post!

  2. The watchhhhh!!! I know just the person that would love that as a Christmas gift :) love the outfit!

  3. I like the pop yellow color on your beanie :D
    nice work on that!

  4. Hi what a cute nice blog honey you have :)) .....My name is Marie I am a Blogger based in italy I was wondering if we could follow each other GFC and BLOGLOVIN <3
    Let me know I will follow back as always! Love Marie.


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