Friday, 13 September 2013


1. Shades - Ray Ban
2. Sweater - Dobujack
3. Diy Khaki Shorts - Cheap Monday
4. Socks - Sports
5. Boots - GATS

I just diyed my khaki Cheap Monday pants few days ago. I don't know which one is happening; my legs are getting skinnier or my pants are getting bigger, because when I wore it last time, it was not that saggy. Too bad it is now. That's why I diyed it and decided to turn it into shorts (also I don't really have many on my closet that's why). And there's no other way to dress it up more comfortable than to have it with a loose tee or a sweater (which in this case I chose sweater). Oh, I love how the shades are so cool in those photos. I wonder if it's the lightening that caused it.

"The best way to know your ability is to do it yourself" - IPIHIPPIE



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