Friday, 16 August 2013


Lately, people asked me about the background of my photos. They said why wouldn't I take photo at difference places? To answer that, I've got my reasons. They're actually two reasons why, the first one is that I am too lazy to go outside just to take picture of my look (sometimes I do want to, and if  have chance then I'd gladly accept it). And the second one is that I don't think it is necessary (although I know the beach would look better behind me than that broken door and thick wall). I mean, in the end the main attraction of my photos isn't the background, but the outfits themselves. So, yeah I think  the background is not really a problem to me, I just want to clear things out so I won't be asked with the same question over and over again. :)

1. Beanie - Monster Energy
2. Pink Shrt - Polo Ralph Lauren
3. Backpack - Online Store (saitouasuka)
4. Shorts - Thrift Store
5. Watch - Swiss Army
6. Creepers - ELEL

Today's theme is about color blocking. I mixed all the most eye-catching colored items (and at the same time my FAVOURITE items) I had in my closet and look what happened. What do you think? I personally like the colors' combo so much, it's the they balanced each other well. I have no idea they would match this good at first, but after seeing the photos more closely it turned out better than my expectation. I couldn't have any better color-blocking outfit than this. Period.

Oh, and wait for my next post for Indonesia's Independence Day that might be posted about 20 or more hours from now. So excited!

"If the cut of the costume indicates intellect and talent, then the color indicates temper and heart." - Thomas Carlyle



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