Sunday, 2 June 2013


Happy Sunday, happy people! How is everyone doing?

Today I got something new. My aunt came home bringing a "hot" red cap! Well, she sure knew that I love bright colors ;) Anyway, here's my new look with that "hot" red cap and I hope you like it!

1. Red Cap - Unbranded
2. Red Shirt - MOC
3. T-shirt - Unbranded
4. Light Brown Chino Pants - Zara Man
5. Socks - Sports
6. Boots - GATS

How's the look? Red has always been my favorite color 'cause it makes me confident. Cliche but true. Even though it's not a neutral color, but if you combine it with the right colors (dark colors are best), it can turn out good. You can also combine red with light colors like I do (with the chino pants), but there aren't many of them.

"When you're in doubt, wear red" - Coco Chanel



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