Sunday, 26 May 2013


Black-sleeves Blue Cardigan - MOC
Pattern Shirt - Giorgio Armani
Skinny Jeans - Celcius
Boots - Camel

I've been so attracted to cardigans and sweatshirts lately. I've bought 2 sweatshirts and one cardigan this week, and I'm telling you they're not that cheap. I almost blew up my bank account because of those outerwears. But luckily I didn't, which is gonna lead me to buy some more.

I always find skinnies and boots look cool when it's combined. They give me some kind of perpective that being stylish is simply easy. Even the simplest tee could look good with the combination of skinnies and boots. Besides, they make me look a little bit taller than I really am.

"Fashion is not to be exagerated, but to feel comfortable with your own skin, despite of what you're wearing." - ME



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